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90.  3 Attributes of Your God Given Message and How It Allows You to Stand Out and Have a Recession Proof Online Business


by Kristin Dronchi | ⚔️The Kingdom Revolution Podcast

Episode Show Notes:


The key attributes of speaking your soul’s true message, your God-given message, are what set you apart in the noisy online space and economy-proof your business.

Your message is authentic, authorized, and anointed. It can’t be copied; it’s uniquely yours and authorized by God to reach the people you’re called to serve.

With heaven and earth supporting you, including the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and angels, your message is anointed to resonate with those it needs to reach. By embracing and sharing your authentic God-given message, you stand out, creating a lasting impact while being recession-proof in an ever-changing economy.

Remember, there’s only one you, and someone out there is waiting to hear from you, waiting for your unique solution to their problem. Embrace this power and impact you possess through the Holy Spirit and be a blessing to others.


Powerful Quotes:

  • “God’s economy does not equal the world’s economy. God’s math doesn’t equal the world’s math. If you are going through a hard time right now, just know that I am praying for you and your family and know that God has amazing things in store for you.”
  • “Your God-given message is timeless, classic, the foundation of who you are and what your business by God’s design is all about. And the best part is, it doesn’t change. Plus, it allows you to be authentic and be you.”
  • “Your message is anointed. All heaven and earth are assigned to help you—Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and angels. By embracing and sharing your authentic God-given message, you stand out, creating a lasting impact while being recession-proof in an ever-changing economy.”

Recession-Proofing Online Businesses: Focus on Kingdom Wealth

I discussed the idea of recession-proofing one’s online business by understanding and communicating your unique message, as well as cultivating a mindset of creating kingdom wealth.  I emphasized that the state of the world’s economy does not affect God’s kingdom, which allows for the creation of wealth without the constraints of a recession. 

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Business Strategies: Mindset, Accountability, and Lighthouse Metaphor

In today’s episode we discussed the importance of mindset and accountability in business strategies, emphasizing the role of personal connection in the process. I  shifted the conversation to the concept of a “God-given message” and its potential to recession-proof a business. Using the example of a lighthouse,  standing firm, shining bright, and attracting those it’s meant to serve, rather than chasing them like a tugboat.

Soulful Online Business: Creating Eternal ROI

I highlighted the significance of speaking one’s soul’s true message in the online space, emphasizing that it allows for a transition into sales without feeling spammy. 

We talked about the importance of a lighthouse message in online business, emphasizing that it is more effective for long-term success compared to constantly chasing new trends and tactics.  We highlighted that the lighthouse message is timeless, authentic, and allows a business to stand for something.

Soul’s Message Weaponizes Businesses

Once you start to share your  soul’s true message, you are ‘weaponized’ and have clearance to reach your ideal client.   I also mentioned that your message is anointed, meaning it is supported by heaven and earth, including the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and angels.


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