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120. 4 Factors that SLOW Down or STOP Online Business Growth as a Christian Woman in Online Business


by Kristin Dronchi | ⚔️The Kingdom Revolution Podcast

Episode Show Notes:


In today’s podcast episode I talk about 4 Key Factors that Stop or Slow down the success and growth of an online business as a Christian Entrepreneur!

This things took me close to 4 years to figure out!

I have  spent the past few years learning, tweaking, and persevering in the world of online entrepreneurship, and I’ve managed to distill it all down to a few key lessons.

First, there’s so much to learn. From lead generation to marketing, tech, and social media, the list can seem endless. But here’s the thing, you don’t need to master it all. Some things can be outsourced, and some things just require a basic understanding. The key is to focus on your strengths and delegate the rest.


Secondly, whatever you do learn will take practice and repetition. Don’t expect to master selling or marketing after your first webinar or launch. It takes doing it over and over again to get to a point where you’re comfortable and effective.


Then there’s the “I’ll figure it out myself” attitude. While it’s great to be independent, trying to do everything yourself can slow down your progress.

You’ll find that successful entrepreneurs have had coaches and mentors guiding them along the way. They provide a fresh perspective and can help you navigate through obstacles faster.


Most importantly, always ensure you’re in alignment with your assignment. This is where the divine connection comes in. With the right mindset and guidance from your Heavenly Board of Directors, you can achieve success in your unique way.



Powerful Quotes:

  • “Success isn’t just about hard work; it’s about being in sync with God’s plan and seeking His guidance every step of the way.”


  • “Don’t just gather knowledge; apply it. And remember, no amount of learning can substitute for taking action and gaining perspective through experience.”


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