The original lead generation & visibility club for Christian Women in Online Business!

Grow Your Email List Fast

with High Quality Leads!

without paid ads or being a slave to social media!

Get Visible create more Impact and bring in more Sales by unlocking the POWER of Collaborations and Leveraging Other People’s Audiences!

7 Day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee

You’re doing #allthethings but you hear crickets during a launch or from your email list and you’re not making the money & impact you want…

You’re posting content left and right, but it feels like you are throwing spaghetti at the wall…

or maybe you have no clear traffic strategy, so your efforts feel scattered and aimless…


Imagine If...

✓You knew what to do & what steps to take to become more visible to your ideal clients so you could stop second guessing your calling!

✓You had a consistent lead gen strategy that consistently filled your funnel which results in increased sales and impact!

✓You could stop being a slave to social media and take back the time that is so precious and valuable. (Less than 6% of social media followers actually see your content?! Let’s not rely on that!)

✓The person you are called to serve flowed into your life (& inbox) with ease… and wanted to pay you!

✓You were seen as the expert in your niche and received consistent invites to collaborate with others you respect & admire.

This will be your reality when you become more visible!

but how…


let me introduce you to

The Visibility for Impact Club

for the Christian Woman in Online Business


The VISIBILITY for IMPACT Club is a membership curated specifically for Christian Women in online business who want a consistent lead generation strategy to increase their revenue and grow their email list through collaborative visibility strategies!


7 Day Refund Guarantee

Success doesn't have to be a waiting game

Skip years of trying to grow your email list organically

Get the Trainings, Tools, Templates with swipe copy, Live Q&As, Guest Expert Speakers, Inside scoop on collaboration opportunities, Exclusive pricing on other programs in the Online Business by God’s Design Roadmap + supportive community all rolled into one amazing monthly club!



Get Instant Access To

Everything you need to get visible
create a lead generation strategy to stop being a slave to social media and stop hustling to grow your email list from launch to launch!




Lead Gen Strategies 


Mini Courses




All inside to give you the tools to leverage the POWER of collaborations  & other people’s audiences to scale your online business to that next level and grow your email list FAST so that you can create more IMPACT & Income through organic growth collaboration strategies

Most coaches would charge anywhere from $97 to $497 per course that is included in The Visibility for IMPACT Club!

But, I want to see  more  successful Christian Women Entrepreneurs in the online space!!  God needs more good people with an abundant amount of money to change broken & corrupt systems and bless more people!!

So you get access to all these lead generation strategies + more, to grow your email list fast, for only $27!


Here is what you’ve been told to do in order to grow your audience….

✘ ​Send awkward “hey girl” direct messages to strangers

✘ ​​Provide tons of free “value” (what does that even mean?) in Facebook groups or in comments under peoples posts – let’s face it, the other women are there just to do the same thing.

✘ ​​Post on social media three times a day, using 15 hashtags and randomly commenting on strangers posts

✘ Constantly be pumping out daily content, including multiple posts per day to train the algorithm

✘ Chase that next “best strategy” & “what’s working today” ever changing tactics

✘Start a YouTube channel, blog or podcast, and give it a year, but you get burnt out, frustrated and start to question your calling

✘Build funnel after funnel and burn money on ads (because you’re actually not sure what you’re doing)

but OMG… you are exhausted, aren’t you?

 and…. you might even be asking yourself these questions…

Did I even HEAR you right Lord???  When is this business even going to make any impact or money?

OR… You could use the POWER of Collaborations & leverage Other People’s Audiences to grow your email list

and when you do that, you:

OR… You could use the POWER of Collaborations & leverage Other People’s Audiences to grow your email list

and when you do that, you:

Kristin Dronchi

Founder & Christian Business Coach

Hi There!!! I am that girl that only made $27 in the first 2 years of her business. (it’s painful to even think about still)

I am also a wifey, mama (mom against the mainstream agenda), ex-9 to 5’er and most importantly the Daughter of the KING!

I spent 2 years trying to do #allthethings in order to be VISIBLE so that I could build my email list to make that IMPACT & INCOME through the calling God placed on my heart.

Each time I launched to crickets (because whether or not we want to admit… this IS a numbers game), I felt like a failure.

There were so many shiny objects out there, and everything sounded so exciting and important.

I knew God called me to Online Business but I was paying too much attention to what all the “gurus” were doing instead of finding my secret sauce.

After purchasing my fair share of products, courses and even a high-ticket group coaching program….

I hosted a Summit in 2022 and that is when I realized 2 things….

I realized 2 things that changed the trajectory of My Online Business…

I had tried….

✘ building complicated funnels

✘creating freebie after freebie hoping one would be the “winner”

✘ showing up constantly in other’s Facebook groups to “get VISIBLE”

✘ hosting an endless stream of webinars and live workshops

Having lost faith in my original approach to build my email list through strategic & authentic content creation and following misguided advice of my guru-coach. I was confused and about ready to throw in the towel….


And that’s when I finally realized:

After hosting a Summit and participating in Bundles….  That these Collaboration ORGANIC Growth Strategies were the FASTEST way to grow my email list with high quality leads and it FINALLY allowed me to have a lead generation strategy that didn’t break the bank or drive me to the state of frustration.

I exploded by email list by over 600% after my first event, had a sold out 1:1 roster for the rest of that year!  Now these organic collaboration strategies are the #1 way that I drive traffic to my online business AND I have been teaching my clients to do the same thing! 

(all of my Collaboration ORGANIC Growth Strategies are in The Visibility for IMPACT Club now for you!!)

The strategies I teach don’t just work for me.

They also work for my clients and members.

Before working with Kristin, I was struggling to grow my list & I really felt like my list was made up of people who were not my ideal target audience.

But after going through the program and hosting my virtual event, I doubled my list and I attracted people who I am finally excited to serve. My virtual event was a game changer in my business.

The support from Kristin was above & beyond! So many courses give you the details, but then there’s no support. Kristin’s weekly Q&A calls offer a lifeline to any questions that pop up during the entire planning and execution process.

Wendy Wallace

Christian Living Positivity Coach

This is

The sought after path for Lead Generation

The only visibility success club curated specifically for Christian Women in online business who want a consistent lead generation strategy to increase their revenue and grow their email list…..


The Original

Visbility For Impact Club

A visibility membership for the Christian Woman in Online Business who is ready to have a lead generation strategy that will help scale her business to the next level, & grow their email list FAST, through organic collaborative visibility strategies.

Just $27/Month – Cancel at anytime

Get the Trainings, Tools, Templates with swipe copy, Live Q&As, Guest Expert Speakers, Inside scoop on collaboration opportunities, Exclusive pricing on other programs in the Online Business by God’s Design Roadmap + supportive community all rolled into one amazing monthly club!

When you join the Visibility for Impact Club

You get everything you need to create an organic lead generation strategy to consistently grow your email list.

You get access to:


➤Bite-sized mini courses that provide you with the step-by-step collaboration strategies to grow your email list fast, so that you can stop launching to crickets.

➤ ​Including all the worksheets, template and scripts that you need to create collaborations and grow your email list, so that you can stop hustling to find quality leads from launch to launch.

Weekly mentoring, accountability, and Q & A sessions.

Feedback on your lead generation assets (landing pages, lead magnets…)

Ever-growing resource library, sources, templates + swipe copy so that you can take immediate action.

Inside scoop on visibility opportunities (and the first to know about anything I host)

➤Access to the Christian Women Speaker & Collaboration Community so that you can find current collaborations to participate in.

➤Monthly networking call with all members to establish connections and relationships.

Quarterly Planning Workshop with the customer lifecycle in mind: Lead gen → nurture → sales.

Here's a sneak peek of

what’s INSIDE:

and more...




You want to grow your email list with quality leads so that you can increase your revenue and impact!

If this sounds like something you want…

Sustainable Lead Gen

A long-term solution to sustainable growth & a lead generation strategy that aligns with your values and making an impact!

Strategies to Save Time

 Save time and maximize your ROI without being a slave to social media or having to pay for ads. (or pulling your hair out)

Sold Out Programs

No more launching to crickets! Finally have an email list of high quality leads and buyers that result in sold out offers!


All it takes is three simple steps


To fill your email list fast,


with the people you are called to serve!

Create A 90 Day Visibility Plan

Gain clarity on what collaborations that align with your values & goals. Together, we will create a 90 day plan that eliminates guesswork.

Implement & Take Action

With the guidance and support provided, you can take prompt action on one of the organic growth strategies here and witness a significant boost in the growth of your email list and increase your ROI.

Evaluate & Launch

Evaluate the growth you saw from the collaboration and make any small tweaks needed based on on real-world results, not guesswork and then move into the LAUNCH Phase.


If you’re asking yourself


I’ve already bought so many things
that didn’t help me – why do I need
to join The Visibility for IMPACT Club?

Then let me tell you this…

✓ This is nothing like the things you’ve bought before. + You will have human interaction and support.

✓ This will help you to grow your email list full of high quality leads fast, because it’s what I’ve done and as have all of my clients.

✓ This will allow you to get the accountability and support to actually get results and move the needed in your business.

✓ This doesn’t only give you theory and knowledge in each mini course, it also gives you done for you templates, scripts and worksheets that you can use in your business instantly!

✓ You aren’t in this alone anymore. Be part of a supportive community of amazing Kingdom Minded Women Entrepreneurs that are on the same journey as you and have the same beliefs, goals and values!

✓ There is no risk 7-day money back guarantee and you can cancel at any time.  No questions asked.

this costs less than your daily cup of coffee from Starbucks, but unlike the coffee… this has the potential to change the trajectory of your business (and life), by taking you from the best kept secret on the internet to filling your email list full of your dream clients.

Total Value well over $1000


Today’s Price = Only $27

Just $27/month

7 Day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee


plus amazing bonuses…🎉


Exclusive Collaboration Opportunities!

Participate in quarterly digital bundles or Annual Summit for Visibility for IMPACT Club Members only for even more support to grow your email list leveraging Kristin’s own engaged audience.

Complimentary Mentoring Sessions

Weekly complimentary mentoring / Q & A Session to get your questions answered to keep you moving forward and/or to review your landing pages, lead magnets and other assets for bundles, summits, etc.

$27 /mo – cancel anytime

what others have to say…

what others have to say…

Still have questions?

Frequently Asked Questions:


I am a new coach or new to online business and I'm just getting started. Will The Visibility for IMPACT Club still work for me?

As long as you have an email service provider and you’re clear on your ideal client and how you want to help them, then yes. Come on in!  If you do not have a bit of clarity on those 2 things yet, I would recommend jumping into the Kingdom Business Blueprint (Kristin’s 12 month program to create, build and launch your Online Business By God’s Design) which will help you get the foundations established first.

I've been coaching for a while. Will I still find value?

Yes, this success club will provide you resources, planners, templates, a community, support, networking, accountability, and partnership opportunities and so much more to create a lead generation strategy to keep your funnel full of high quality leads!

Will this Club work for every kind of business?

Yes! Any and all businesses can benefit from collaborative visibility strategies. Whether you’re an online business, local business, e-commerce, coach or service provider, The Visibility for IMPACT Club is for you!

I don't have an audience or email list yet. Is that a problem?

No, this is one thing that The Visibility for IMPACT Club helps you with. You will get the tools and strategies you need to grow a loyal tribe and engaged email list fast.

Don’t let the size of your audience stop you from hosting a summit, or doing these visibility strategies,  because it will only help you grow faster. When I hosted my first summit, I only had about 250 people on my email list, and it tripled thanks to my summit. And my list keeps growing with every summit I’ve hosted since! If you have a small email list (or no email list) now, your first summit may be small (compared to the big influencers) but each one will get bigger and bigger!

Is The Visibility for IMPACT Club just for Kingdom Minded Women?

Yes! Kristin strives to keep this environment and container for only Christian Women in Business who have that Kingdom Mindset who are believers in Jesus Christ and accepted Him as their Savior! **Please note: Kristin will NOT allow any bullying or behavior that does not align with how Jesus would treat others and we will not allow anything that is contrary to Biblical Truth to be posted or communicated.

Can I wait and join next month?

Yes, of course you can! Just know that I can’t guarantee that the price will stay the same forever – as I add more content, upgrades & value to it, the price needs to increase to reflect that. Now is the best time to jump in especially if you want to get grow your email list fast and stop launching to crickets!

How much support is included?

Weekly support!!! I know this is unheard of for this monthly investment! Each week there is mentor and Q and A session Kristin hosts with jointly with members of the Visibility for IMPACT Club and her Summit with IMPACT™ students. Bring questions or submit your copy/assets for feedback.

What if I can't be on the weekly mentoring sessions live?

These Q & A / mentoring sessions are held live each week. Details on this are inside the program.  If you can’t attend live, you can submit your question via a form to be answered on the recorded live call.

You get access to all recorded sessions.   You can also submit anything to be reviewed via the form if you can’t be on live as well.

You aren’t required to attend.  These are complimentary sessions to help you out when needed.

Can you guarantee results?

The legal stuff you need to know. I can’t guarantee any results to increase traffic or revenue with the strategies + resources learned in the club. But I can guarantee that if you follow what I teach, you will grow your email list as fast as humanly possible. I have done it, my past clients have and I believe you can too!

Can I cancel the membership?

No hard feelings! If The Visibility for IMPACT Club isn’t right for you, you can easily cancel your membership at any time.

Please just email me: and I can action that immediately for you. I do just need at least 3 working days notice before your renewal date to process all cancellations. Please note, due to the digital nature of this membership, refunds aren’t available.

Join the club.

See you inside.

You know that you are called to bring that Holy Spirit Inspired Idea to life and make an IMPACT here on This Side of Heaven!

Unlock the POWER of Kingdom Collaborations!  

Let me help you GET VISIBLE, + build your email list fast (with the high quality leads) so you can create more IMPACT & fill your online programs!

I believer 1000% in these strategies, that is why I offer a money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy for any reason, contact me within 7-dahys for a no question asked refund.


~ Kristin Dronchi ♡



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