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109. Creating a Movement Vs. Creating A Niche


by Kristin Dronchi | ⚔️The Kingdom Revolution Podcast

Episode Show Notes:


In today’s competitive online business landscape, the key to standing out and making a lasting impact lies not solely in niche specialization, but rather in the creation of a movement aligned with one’s true calling and beliefs.

While niching down is important for clarity and focus, it’s the deeper purpose and mission behind your business that truly resonates with your audience.

By embracing your unique God-given genius zone and authentically expressing your convictions, you can cut through the noise of the online space and attract those who resonate with your vision.

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  Powerful Quotes:

  • “”In the noisy online space, it’s not just about niching down; it’s about cutting through with the movement you create and the why behind your business.”
  • “Your business should be a reflection of your deepest convictions and beliefs, igniting a fire within you to make a lasting impact beyond mere niche boundaries.”
  • “Embrace your unique God-given genius zone and unapologetically share your message; it’s the authenticity and alignment with your calling that truly resonates and attracts your audience.”


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